The New Apple iPad

There have been many attempts, but there has never been anything like the Apple iPad. A breakthrough in tablet technology - you won't want to miss this.

Forget the Kindle from Amazon, forget any ideas you may have about awkward and cumbersome touch interfaces. The iPad 3 is the real deal.

Innovation & brilliance

March 7th 2012 heralds a new arrival. The biggest step forward in technology since the first generation iPad. Tablet technology has never looked this good.

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The most intuitive touch based interface since the iPhone with all the sleek, stylish design first seen in the magic mouse.

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Why would you pay out hundreds of dollars or pounds for an iPad when you can get one for nothing just by being a savvy consumer? The companies that advertise through FreebieJeebies value you, the customer, enough to pay for your free iPad. I have now had a free iPad, and a free iPad 2, and I'm going to be one of the first lucky customers to get an iPad 3 when it is hopefully released on the 7th March 2012 - and guess what? I won't have spent a penny on that one either.

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What are the rules?

1. Only one account (and therefore) free iPad - per household.

I'm sorry if there is more than one person in your house that wants to use FreebieJeebies to get an iPad, but for reasons of fairness and to prevent fraud, there can only be one account per household. Your IP address is logged when you sign up, and when you complete an offer, and all accounts are checked to make sure that there are no duplicate accounts upon verification.

2. Use your real information.

This means postal address and email address and your real name please! Otherwise how are we meant to send you your gift? This is also important to make sure that we prevent fraud. Even when you're giving something out for free, people will still try and get more than they are entitled to. Our sponsors take the quality and authenticity of the customers we refer very seriously. They pay for your free iPad, how are they meant to pay when you're not a real person?

3. Do not create multiple email accounts/FreebieJeebies accounts.

As the sponsors that you complete free offers with only pay for your free iPad if they are able to verify that you are a genuine customer. ie, you can't use the same credit card more than once, as you are meant to be an individual customer. FreebieJeebies therefore allow only one user per IP address. This is pretty much the same as rule 1 and 2!

4. Do not use proxies. If you don't know what this means, don't worry!

This has been tried by many, (and most have failed) as it's just another way for people to try and defraud FreebieJeebies, we don't allow proxies at all. Nada. Like I say, if you don't know what a proxy is then the vast chances are that you're not trying to defraud us!

5. Do not allow anyone else to sign up from your network.

This should be common sense by now. One IP, one account. If you refer friends and they sign up on your IP address then all of your accounts will be banned. You don't want this. Also don't sign up from public networks, just because the chances are that someone will have done, or will do in the future and then you'll both be banned. You won't get your free iPad, and we don't want this.

6. Only complete each offer once.

You only ever need to complete one free offer to get your free iPad, so I don't see why you'd want to complete an offer more than once. However, this applies for example, if you've seen a LOVEFiLM advert in telly and done a free trial that way, unfortunately, this means that you can't do a free offer with them again in order to validate your account for a free iPad. Although LOVEFiLM is the most popular offer in the UK, there are a couple of other free ones, so you can still get your iPad without spending a penny!

7. Do not cancel your offer as soon as you have signed up for it.

This isn't the point of FreebieJeebies. These are good, respected companies with brilliant services that you are being encouraged to try. In return for trying them you are getting a free iPad. It isn't a bad deal, is it? Try the service for the full period that it is offered, you might find that you really like it, I know I have done with LOVEFiLM.

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  • Testimonials

    "I signed up to get my iPad for nothing, thinking I might as well have a look. The companies that provide the free trials were all ones that I knew and trusted like HSBC and Alliance & Leicester"

     HSBC offer and a free iPad          Alliance and Leicester

    "I had seen all the adverts on telly for free trials with LOVEFiLM, so I knew they were a serious player. The trial was quick and easy, I ordered them online and got them through the door."

                              LoveFilm free iPad offer

    "I was amazed to find that as well as qualifying for my iPad, I got £100 in cash in the Alliance & Leicester account that I opened as my offer! Well impressed."

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    Amy Marie

    "My friends and family can't believe the amount of free stuff I get! Literally every week I get a delivery of bits and bobs directly from Amazon. I don't think people realise that you can have the amount that the iPad would cost in Amazon vouchers or a cash transfer. I'd recommend this to anyone, it's quick, easy and you get a FREE iPad!"

    Mark Eaton

    User of

    "I wanted to use a legitimate site and do an offer I trusted. You just never know what's out there. I don't think you can get more trusted than The AA and Sky, well, not for me anyway. That was a big reassurance"
    Sky offer with a free iPad        The AA and a free iPad

    The iPad is easy and intuitive to use, requiring the lightest of touches.

    Top tips for getting your iPad

    1. Spread the word! Your friends and family are the ones who are going to get you your iPad, they need to know how it works.

    Join a freebie forum like eXceem, this is where I started, and I'm doing really well now!

    Make leaflets and business cards and distribute them wherever you can.

    Speak to your friends on Facebook etc, I'm sure that most of us have more than 50 friends, this is a great place to get your referrals.

    Make a free website. There are loads of places that offer free websites and free website design, so these are great if you run out of friends and family!

    Do all of these things and it won't be long until you get your free iPad. There are many other methods out there that people use to get the 'green' referrals, but please
    do not spam your referral link anywhere. We work really hard to keep the reputation of our offers above board, and spamming does not create the image that FreebieJeebies are actively seeking.